Magic Fluff Fairy Machine.

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Jasmine is the happiest little girl in the world right now! A package came in the mail today… An Ebay purchase from 4 weeks back. To Jasmine this is a wonderful magical machine that makes fairies! Oh so many fairies! So much fun!

It’s a sweater ball shaver… Yes a kind of electric razor for your sweater! You know the type. You use it just like an electric razor but on your sweater. It gets rid of sweater balls. Those nasty little balls of fluff that are a product of wearing and washing the sweater.

To Jasmine this magic machine makes fluff fairies. Lots of fluff fairies! She couldn’t be happier.

I let her use it to de-ball one of my sweaters and she is hooked, She sees them (The fluff fairies) flying around inside the clear fairy catcher and is amazed!

She did 3 sweaters and a knit hat tonight before she wanted to let them out so she could play with them. I did and she was so gentle with the big ball of fluff. It was like she was holding a baby bird. So cute.

I told her she could take some of them to school with her tomorrow only if she told her friends that they came from my belly button. Looks like she isn’t going to take them to school…

She has taken them into her room and has them on her nature table. It’s going to be interesting to see what type of games she makes up to play with the for sure.

I mentioned that CoCo would love to play with them but she doesn’t think that is a good idea. CoCo is our robot vacuum. I told her that she had to take good care of them because if they were forgotten on the floor he would eat them.

We had a chat about what she wanted to do when she grows up a while later. She said that she wants to be an entrepreneur but doesn’t know what to do. I told her that she won’t have any problem figuring it out when she wants to.

I’m sure she won’t have a problem thinking outside the box. She is great at it now.

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