Frozen Bike, Meters, Birds.

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On my quest for cats in the village today I came across a frozen bicycle.20150224_113153 20150224_113159 It is out front of a spin class place. (A place to ride stationary bikes.) You can even bring your own bike to this place and they will hook it up to make it stationary if you prefer… I’m not sure but I bet people do this in the summer as well… Probably a lot safer than riding on London’s streets!

My hour meters came in the mail today.20150224_220551 20150224_220613 When it gets above 0C I’ll install them in the two outboards that are going north this year. They are a pretty simple device that work on any gas engine that has a spark plug ignition. They don’t require batteries as they are powered by the magnetic field that is generated by the 5 loops of wire you wrap around the spark plug wire. They are waterproof too. Their has to be a capacitor inside that keeps the charge that is produced by the coil on the plug wire. The add on Ebay said they keep a charge for about 1.5 years.

How it works is it just counts the # and speed of the sparks sent to the plug. It’s a simple math equation to get the # of hours after that. It shows the # of hours and 10ths of an hour on the screen. These meters can be easily installed in the inside of the motor bay on any outboard. You can use screws, wire ties or double sided tape to fasten them. Simple.

These will be great for figuring out how much each motor is used each week by the charterers. I’ll be able to calculate fuel economy as well as how much each motor is run on average. This will also help me know when the motor needs serviced. I do expect to replace the spark plugs, water pump and the bottom end gear oil each season anyway. But if I find that spark plugs or a water pump is only good for so many hours I can take preemptive action to replace things before it is a problem for a customer.

These hour meters offer a lot of piece of mind for very little cost. Each was $6 shipping included. It did take 4 weeks for someone to paddle them over from China. (I see that shipping to the USA is half the time as it is to Canada From China. They must have more boats going more often to the USA than here.) The Stuff coming to Canada must wait for a full container before that is shipped and then for the container boat to be filled after that.

I’m getting anxious to get the new tablet I ordered. I really look forward to getting it in my hands and doing some testing with it. I’ve been reading on the Android forums about other models from different companies that are just hitting the market that look great too. It will be interesting to see what has improved by this time next year. At the rate things are happening now the sky’s the limit!

I took a photo of the drawing that Jasmine did yesterday.20150224_220631(0) See the one bird with the eyelashes and the pink bow… That’s the Mom. Cute!

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