Duck, Duck, Merganser, Cat!

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I got to stay home with Squeaky today. She was more cough cough than squeak though. We didn’t get to my buddy Mick’s catalog but we did some fun stuff. We watched a few episodes of the Bernstein Bears and the new Ned the cat video that was released today. (They email me when a new one comes out…) It was a really good one showing more of Ned’s personality. We learned that he has a double!!!Ned and Carlos Carlos! His reflection in the mirror! (We may have a direction for naming our cat puppet now…) What is the feminine equivalent of Carlos..? This is about to get complicated… Here are a few I just found: Names that sound like Carlos include Carla, Carmen, Carolina, Caroline, Carlesah, Carlis (English), Carlise (English), Carlyse (English), Corless, Corlis, Corliss (English), Corlisse, Corlys, Corlyss, Korliss, Carilis (English), Carleesia (English), Carleeza (English), Carlesa, Carlessa, Carlicia (English), Carliqua (English), Carlisa (English), and Carlisah… )

We also watched a how to build a puppet video. I think I’m going to start over with our cat puppet after watching that video. It is more the overall shape we need to copy. The fir is the thing the is messing us up when we look at him. He is trimmed in areas so his profile is kind of wonky it I try to copy it. The trick is… (I think.) Make him like a normal puppet and trim him to look like Ned’s profile. I can see my electric clippers coming in handy some time soon.

I’m glad I didn’t go to work chasing cats in Wortley village today. The high was -19 with a wind chill making it feel like -35. The cat’s are probably frozen solid if they are outside.

Jasmine also did some drawing today. I looked up some of the ducks that we saw in the river on our walk yesterday and found they are rare for these parts. One pair anyways. A pair of Harlequin ducks.Harlequin Duck we also saw some red headsmale Redhead and common gold eyesCommon Goldeneye and a scarlet merganser.Common Merganser (Photos by Paul Roedding ) After we looked on the internet I got out our Birds of Canada book and we went through it. (I told her the reason their are puffins on the cover is because they are the tastiest. She still doesn’t believe me.) When we had gone through the book I asked her to draw her favorite birds. She ended up picking a blue bird of some type that I can’t remember… (I’ll put up photos tomorrow.)

At 1:30 the fridge repair guy came by to fix the fridge. The problem was the starter module was unplugged. (I noticed he brought along a new motherboard and new starter module just in case.)

It’s working great now. The ice cream is hard! (All that Heidi wanted.) I gave it another good cleaning inside and out. Also got carried away and wiped down all the kitchen cupboards… the stove too. I don’t know what got over me… After my cleaning frenzy Heidi and I emptied the fridge on the back porch and put all the stuff in the new fridge. Everything was frozen. Romaine lettuce was like a rock. The pickles were even frozen in suspended animation…

Tonight at 6 I went out to dinner with a group of local business people. It’s a social / networking group that has just started. I went to promote the Live Your Legend group that I’m the host of for London. I want others to join… I did get an email yesterday from one interested person so things are moving in the right direction. All the people in attendance were very nice. I plan to attend the next meeting in March.


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