#’rd trees, Beaver, Zebra.

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Another beautiful day on only -5 today let us get outside and go for a walk in the woods near our house. We went to the woods behind the seminary down by the river.

It’s a nice place to walk with bike trails and hiking trails through the woods. The hiking trails are what we mostly take as it is more scenic and a bit of a challenge with all the exposed rocks and tree roots. They are exposed partly because of people walking their but also because it is flooded each year by the Thames River.20150222_145551 20150222_150949 20150222_151118

The river was really low today compared to it’s norm in the summer. The beaver pond was down too. It looks like the city came in with a backhoe and removed part of the dam to drain it. i wonder if that has something to do with the tree counting they are doing in that park… I noticed these aluminum tags  nailed to the trees in that park. Each tag has a different # on it. I guess a beaver could really mess up the tree count… London is know as the Forest City…

Our choice of walk area was planned today. Yesterday Jasmine saw a dream catcher in the owl store and wanted me to buy her one. I told her I and mummy would teach her how to make one today. So after watching a couple dream catcher how to videos that started with… Go to Walmart… Ahhhh! We just went out and found a stick that you could bend into a circle. Priceless!

We used red dogwood because it is a nice red color and has brown spots on it. It’s bendy too.

After our walk the girls got to making loops and I went to the shop to get more snow off the truck. I also dug out the wheels to get at the valve stems to fill them with air again.  While at the shop I removed the roof rack bars from the other car and put them on my car. My buddy Knoal (Not his real name.) needed a hand to get a sheet of drywall from the hardware store to a job so we did that after I was finished at the shop. The job he was doing was a ceiling repair for our friend Mick Durham. One of his pipes burst above the kitchen and after the plumbing repairs there was a 5×5’ hole.

We stayed a while and chatted with Mick. He has a art show coming up in St Thomas and he gave me an invitation and a show catalog. (Link) I’ll go through the catalog with Jasmine this week. It’s full of really cool pictures of his work. A lot of his work includes brightly colored toys so I’m sure she will be intrigued. When I was leaving I took a picture of his Zebra collection on the mantle piece. I didn’t count them but I bet their has to be 70 or more.20150222_171100

When we were out on our walk I brought along Jasmines digital camera that her grandparents gave her. I wanted to do a quick video and check the quality to see if it will work for me podcasting. I’ll put a link up to the YouTube video when I get it edited.

We didn’t do anything to the cat puppet today. I think that the foam head is too large so I’m going to make a few adjustments before we continue with it.


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