New Fridge Free Charter

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We have a shiny new fridge!20150218_212108 It needs a good cleaning on the outside though. Jasmine took one of the stools from our kitchen island and checked the top. She told me it needs to be dusted then went and asked her mom for a feather duster. (We don’t have a feather duster… Yet!) I’ll pick up some close facsimile sometime so she can have fun dusting! Fun with household chores!

I don’t know exactly how to clean the stainless steel front of it yet. So I’ll have to do some research on YouTube and find out how to keep it nice and shiny.

Now to deal with the old fridge. It’s in the back porch still full as we let the new one cool down a bit. I plan to take the old fridge to the shop and use it their. Doing that is going to take a bit of work…

First I have to take the snow blower over and clear out the snow that the plow filled in again. It’s not 2’ deep this time but it is too deep for me to attempt with my car. I’m not too worried about getting stuck. I’m worried about breaking off the bumpers. I hope to get over and blow the drive out tomorrow. Not too sure if that will happen as it is supposed to be very cold. says -18C as the high and the low -26C! ( is a weather site that is great! Check out the wounder map!)

After I get the snow blown I need to get rid of the old fridge that is at the shop now. Then I can take the new old one over. while I’m over their clearing the drive entrance I will blow around the truck so I can get it out a little sooner. I don’t want to get it out until it gets a bit warmer. (It has about 1.5’ surrounding it and it is under 1’ of snow anyway.)20150215_163123

I need to put a battery in it and inflate the tires before I can move it. (I took the battery out to use in the Siren 17 and I don’t think it will go back into the truck. It’s been drained down too many times to be reliable.) I may take the 5 year old fuel out of it while I’m at it. Just to be sure it runs properly when I start it. I didn’t think about taking the fuel out of it when I got it… It probably would have been fine then. It sure would have been easier as I had the truck lifted up another 6” on axle stands. I can crawl under it as it sits regularly as it is a high 4×4. I’m not sure if it is lifted a bit or not. I have to climb up into it…

Tell your friends to sign up for our free charter draw at If you haven’t signed up go do it at the top of the page on our site.


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