Ready for a fridge.

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Well the old fridge is in the back porch. It is running… I’m not sure why. It is -10C out their… Perhaps I confused it some how when I move it out there. I didn’t drop it or anything crazy. Just rolled it along and spun it through the door.

Heidi and I emptied the freezer and fridge before I moved it. I also removed the doors so it would fit through the back door. We don’t have a door wide enough to fit it through without removing the doors. Once in the back porch I put everything back in it. the space under and behind the fridge was like the dust bunny apocalypse. And we have 2 household vacuums! Neither that will get under and back there tough.20150217_195332 20150217_195346

I may decide to roll the fridge out once a year to clean under it after seeing that. (By the way. That is not how one properly finishes floors…) 20150217_193912 20150217_193907 20150217_195321

I moved the pantry over so we have the extra room for the new fridge. It is coming tomorrow at 2:30. Only Heidi will be home to receive it. I’ll be in Wortley Village chasing cats at that time. I am going to leave some tools in the house in case the delivery guys don’t bring any. I figure they are used to having to remove doors etc to get appliances in. Me leaving the tools is just in case… I just don’t want to have to do it myself. I hope they hook up the water supply line too. There is about 4 extra feet of it in the space.

I have left all the cupboards unscrewed except for the furthest one on the other side of the stove. It is as close to the wall as it can get. I also have left the counter tops loose so if need be they can be removed for trimming. I can do that quickly in the garage tomorrow night. I don’t think it will be required though. I’m not anticipating any problems with the delivery and install though.

I tried to get my head around putting the fir on the cat puppet tonight. I watched a really in-depth puppet build last night on YouTube and now am kind of confused. I need to watch some more videos for other techniques. The one I watched last night was really good but it was for a Muppet type puppet. The cat kind of falls into that category. But not quite…

Yea more puppet videos… Sigh.


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