Biltong Pony Teddy Bear Eye Pizza.

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So much for snowshoeing today…. It is some cold here today. -26C!!!! Polar vortex loving coming at us from the North! It changed my snowshoeing plans. We all stayed in a lot today because of the temperature. The wind chill made it feel like -40C!

We did venture out about 4 pm for an early dinner of pizza at Piero’s. That was a combination of Heidie’s idea to go out and Jasmines idea of pizza. We all love Piero’s pizza too.

We went to Michaels craft store after to get something or other Heidi wanted.20150215_164246 They didn’t have it but we spent over half an hour in the store. I found that they carry the words smallest miter boxes… 20150215_170045 and have a thing against selling things to teenagers…20150215_165641

They don’t carry teddy bear eyes… I asked. The helpful staff told me I would have to go to a craft store. I couldn’t stop myself from reminding the helpful staff where we were…. A craft store… She then told me that they have googly eyes. I told her that teddy bears don’t have googly eyes turned 180 degrees around and went over to the My Little Pony shelf and took selfies of myself to post on the internet. Here!20150215_170435

I bet she thinks I’m crazy. I just had to do it after the look I got when I told her that teddy bears don’t have googly eyes. I had turned around and there was a shelf of ponies… Never a better time for a middle aged man to take pony selfies than after telling a young woman that teddy bears don’t have googly eyes! She disappeared so quickly…

I wanted to take a look at other teddy bear eyes for the cat puppet we are making. I noticed that Ned the cat in the videos has brown around the iris of his eyes. I want our cat to be as accurate as possible.

The day was filled with Jasmine happily knitting and sewing while I did some work online. I did shovel the snow that we got yesterday. It was quite cold while I was doing it.

I did get to the Biltong too today. The hinges were still frozen on the smoker so I used my propane plumbing torch to thaw them. The Biltong is perfect!20150215_174118 20150215_174216 Right where I want it for dryness. I have some work to do on the flavor next time. I didn’t use enough salt for my taste. (I hardly use salt at all while cooking.) I was thinking that I didn’t need as much as a rub would have because the process I used had a lot of vinegar and spices in it making more of a wet marinade. I was wrong… More salt next time, less vinegar.

It does taste great! But it could taste better. Over all I am very happy with my first attempt at making Biltong.


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