My Birthday.

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What a great day. Today was my birthday. I didn’t get another sailboat though.

We went out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Chinese BBQ here in London.

This place is great! It’s the type of place that I can chat with the staff about smoking pork/ chicken/ ducks and tofu. Got a place like that in your home town? (Leave it in the comments. I’d love to visit some time.) It gets better the chef and his brother the waiter both love to mod their cars in their spare time. I’ve shown them my SAABs and they have shown me their Nissans. (I’d kick their butts on a strait track but they will kick mine in the corners.) These guys have even taken me into the kitchen and shown me their smoker and how they prep the meat. They can smoke 6 whole pigs at once! I have just shown them pictures of my smoker…

The food…….. It’s tough to describe just how great it is. Everything is amazing! Example. Pad Thai. Not a Chinese dish. They rock it! It’s the best in the city by far!

I noticed this restaurant one day when driving by. I actually stopped to look in the window… They had halves of pigs hanging beside ducks, chickens, cuttlefish and who knows what.20150212_183234 20150212_183302 20150212_183318 I even took a picture and showed it to Heidi when I got home. I said we have to go here. We have been for 5 years now.

When we got home my beautiful wife and daughter sang happy birthday to me and presented me a cake. The cake was a real surprise. It was a copy of Ned the cat!20150212_192525 20150212_192628(0) 20150212_192606 Yes they made a cake Ned! The inside was carrot cake that was really good. Heidi found that recipe and the icing one online. She has put it in her personal recipe book now for reference. 20150212_193448

What a great birthday. Even the owners of Ned the cat put up a new video to commemorate it. I think anyway. Here is a link to the video that came out today. Or they just did it anyway…

I’m not sure when we will get to the puppet next. We have a adoption party to go to for baby Mathew tomorrow after supper. I’m sure we will fit it in some time this weekend though.


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