Cushions, Cars, Cat Puppets and Eurythmy.

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My beautiful wife Heidi went to a eurythmy function at the school tonight. That gave Jasmine and I time together to work on our cat puppet. Google eurythmy and you will see why I chose to stay home. It is a participation type activity. Not that I don’t like to participate in things at the school. I just have my limits.

The puppet went pretty well. We started by making 6 shapes all the same for the head. I only ended up using 5 of them for the head though. The 6th would have made it too big. So I took the extra piece and made another and made them into the lower jaw and chin. We also made the inside of the mouth out of cardboard and glued the top to the top and the bottom to the chin. We used a hot glue gun for assembly. It went pretty quickly.20150210_182356 20150210_182344 20150210_183141 20150210_190803 20150210_193834 20150210_193854

I watched an instructional video on how to do it last night after Jasmine went to bed. That helped me get the process down. Puppet instructions on YouTube… Just like any other how to make a thing video. Handy.

The next thing we have to do is fit material over the foam and cut it out. Then we make a pattern from the cut out material. After we have out 2 halves cut out we need to sew them together. Then make the mouth and sew it in. I’ll post photos of the whole process as we go.

I got Heidie’s car running today. It was kind of hard to start. It was flooded from trying the other day. It finally did start and ran rough for a little. I took it for a drive over to the shop and parked it there. I’m going to leave it at the shop for a while. I don’t have the time or place to diagnose the problem or fix it right now. So it can sit at the shop. Heidi wants us to go down to one car… I’m not sure I want to. I’ve been thinking of getting a truck for towing the boats and getting rid of her car… Well see how the one car idea goes for a while.

When I was at the shop today I picked up a couple of the boat cushions to make patterns from. I’ll start making cushions after were done making the cat puppet.


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