Cat research… Is that considered animal testing?

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I was doing some drawings and research with Jasmine tonight after supper on how to build the cat puppet that we want to build.Ned (Actually just teaching her that it is a good idea to start anything you attempt with a well laid out plan of attack.) I’ve never built a puppet out of fabric and foam before so I went to YouTube for tutorials. YouTube is great! I learned how to sew with my sewing machine from YouTube. Also I learned how to time my sewing machine and adjust the bobbin tension that even my mother doesn’t know exists. (Did You know there are two tensioners…?) The timing tutorial was interesting. The guy that made it was drunk at the time and kind of repetitive. It took him 2 videos at 10 min each to get through what he was trying to talk about. It worked though! I now time my machine myself instead of taking it to Crazy Joe’s Sewing Machine Repair and spending $60 each time I mess it up. I know you shouldn’t need to have your machine timed any more than once in a lifetime… (I’m at 4 times now.) I do because I sew things I’m not supposed to with my machine! Marine vinyl for one. Then the heavy upholstery material that I have for the cushions. (My machine is built for home use…) Heidi is harder on it some times than I am. She sews paper together for little sketch books. About 10 pages at a time! She also sews onto a thick card stock for the covers.

My YouTube searching has now given me the knowledge I need to make the head of the cat with Jasmine. I found a tutorial that goes over it very well. I will do the hot gluing of the foam and I will let Jasmine do the hand sewing. She is pretty good at hand sewing. I’m sure She will do a great job keeping the seams hidden. We are using a pretty forgiving fir too. I will sew the things like the body and the arms with the sewing machine just because it doesn’t have to be as pretty.

I think we will get to that tomorrow night after supper.

She and Heidi stayed home from school today so she could recuperate. Heidi called me around lunch time and said that they had been outside playing almost all morning. She looks better and seems to be in a better spirit today.

I was thinking about the boats today. It’s been over a month since I’ve been out to check on them so I think I will pop out some day this week or on the weekend to see how things are. I don’t expect any problems with them. I just like to check up on them occasionally.

I want to take a look at the boat that I wrote about in the summer. The hydroponic boat. The one that had the weeds growing inside it on the carpet. I’m interested to see how the ice and snow have been treating it.


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