Coffee Biltong Cat Germs

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I took my little family out to a nice coffee shop in Wortley Village today for a treat. Heidi and I both had coffee and she had a sweet dessert thing. I can’t recall what it was. It looked way too sweet for me. She told me that it was too sweet for her after she had finished it.

We went to the village originally to go to see my chiropractor. I needed him to adjust me because of all the walking around in the snow that I’ve been doing. Also the manhandling of the snow blower. I tend to muscle it around instead of doing things like use reverse. It’s just too slow. I’m going to have to remember to do some stretches before I blow snow next time. It’s a heavy beast. 20150202_160335

While at the chiropractor I had him take impressions of my feet so he can get cirrhotics made for me. The ones I have are just about done now. They make such a big difference to how I walk and how my back feels. If I don’t have them I am in pain when standing or walking. So much so that I even wear Birkenstock sandals at home as slippers.

After our coffee shop rest we went off to look for lost cats. Well I drove through the village anyway… I was on the way to Kensal Rental to get a fuel shut off valve for the snow blower. I went in and told the parts guy that I had a fuel leak after I replaced the needle and seat. He wouldn’t sell me a shut off valve. He told me to check the float level. That is done by removing the bowl that I just got and making sure that the float is level with the base of the carburetor. He also mentioned that it the float level isn’t the problem I may have installed the seat backwards. I’m not sure now which way I put it in. I’ll check when I pull the bowl off next.

Jasmine wasn’t feeling the best today so at the coffee shop she just had a glass of water. I’m surprised that she didn’t want anything. I even pointed out a cookie the size of her head…

I think she picked up something at school. Kids are germ factories. Mine included. This afternoon Jasmine had a nap for about 2 hours while Heidi worked on an essay and I did some writing and napping. I like afternoon naps. I wish I was on one of the boats for it though. I always have a great nap or sleep on the boat.

Their was that one time though that my sleeping was interrupted numerous times by my lovely wife. We were on the boat at the dock and raccoons were walking on the deck of the boat. Apparently that freaks Heidi out. I didn’t care and could have slept through them in the cabin too. Since that time we always go out to a mooring or anchor out to sleep over. The racoons are so bold that they will come out during the day and take your lunch out of your car if you leave the windows down at the club. Same goes for the boat at the docks. You have to close the hatches or they will take any food while you’re gone. Sneaky little guys.
They can’t get into my smoker. I still have the Biltong drying in the smoker. Things are going well. I tasted another piece today and it’s really good. Just a bit more dry and it will be perfect.


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