The snow blower lives!

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I fixed the snow blower! It runs just like new.

I had a few problems when I was working on it though.

When I took it apart originally to replace the carb float bowl and the fuel line I lost the needle and spring that holds it to the float… They are about the size of the word they… When I was trying to feed the fuel line through the motor I hit the float that I had left attached to to the carb with the top of my hand and everything dropped to the floor… A floor with snow, sawdust, plastic dust and the odd leaf on it. It took me about 5 min to find the needle and spring. They were still attached to each other. Thank goodness!

I have numerous magnetic bowls that I use to hold metal parts and the like when I take thing apart. I used one for this project. I even left the 3 sockets that I was using in the bowl so they were handy for putting things back together. The bowls are a great help keeping thing together.20150202_171205

When I was putting the motor back together tonight I grabbed a socket and the spring attached to the needle shot out of the bowl and onto the floor again! I had swept up after the last time I dropped it. This time it only took about 2 min to find. Still there was a bit of snow from my boots on the floor.

I had to use a 3 jaw puller to get the flywheel off the crankshaft. I just tightened it a few turns with a wrench and gave a tap with a hammer and it popped loose.20150205_173305 20150205_162208 20150205_162224 Then it was just a matter of adjusting the metal fuel line holder and put it back together. All in it took me about an hour from start the other day, losing things, to losing things to starting it.

It started first crank and kept running great!

One thing I noticed when I had it apart that I didn’t notice before. Also the reason for the broken pull cord… One of the dogs on the recoil has a broken spring. That allows it to fall out of position.20150205_174940 It didn’t bother it before as it would ride inside the starting cup on the crank shaft. Only if the engine went backwards would it catch. And it did when it backfired the other day.

I don’t have time to fix the spring but came up with a different alternative.

I changed the position of the recoil. So instead of pulling it from the Starboard side you now pull it from the Port side. Moving it like that allows the broken dog to lay down via gravity and not get caught. Unlike hanging down and riding around inside the cup as before.

That should last the rest of the season.

I went and blew out the neighbors drive across the street and then did our and the next door neighbors. The plow had been by and filled in the ends of the lanes.


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