T=Rigging Knife.

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I don’t have a true rigging knife. I have a really nice cutter knife I carry when on the boat. It is a fold up type that takes Stanley utility knife blades. It works very well for cutting things. When it gets dull I just flip the blade or replace it. It’s not the type of knife that you can leave on the boat though. It has an aluminum body with a steel blade. The blade will rust pretty quickly. I don’t want rust on my nice white gel-coat! Or even in a storage area so I carry it with me.

Now I am looking for a new knife. One that is a true rigging knife with a marlin spike. The knife idea got me thinking about what I should have available on the boats. Right now I have knives for the galley… Not rigging.

I think I am going to get a rigging knife for each boat and leave it in a spot where it is handy. Maybe hung in a little mesh cloth bag or mesh pocket on a cloth organizer bag.

I like the idea of each of our customers having easy access to a rigging knife if they didn’t bring one on the trip.

I’m going to see what is available out in the online market. Maybe even get mono-graphed knives with North Channel Charters on them. I’m not thinking of anything fancy. I just want it to do the job at hand.

I’ll report back on what I decide on.


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