The first 20 customers.

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The first 20. Why 20? What is important about this number?

20 is the number of customers I want for the summer season. I want at least 2 boats booked for charters for 10 weeks straight. That will give us enough income to cover costs and offer another boat in either the North Channel or some where else. (Thousand Islands…? Give us suggestions on our website. ) That means that more people will be able to sail in the most beautiful cruising area in Canada. And do it at an affordable cost too.

To thank those 20 first year customers I am going to give them 10% off the price of a charter in the next season. Also I am going to draw for a tablet like what I have on the boats for navigation. The Teclast X98 Air 3G. So that’s a 1 in 20 chance of winning a really nice tablet! 1 in 20!

Why the 10% off and the tablet…? First the 10% (=$100!) off the next year is to say thank you for using us.

The tablet draw is something else. A little gift for one lucky customer that I hope will get lots of years use out of the tablet. Do you think they will tell their friends at the yacht club or the marina about their new chart plotter/ Windows 8.1 tablet/ Android 4.4.4 tablet/ really big phone/ media center/ GPS/ almost everything you can do with a computer multifaceted thing…? (The only thing I think it doesn’t do is make toast. But there probably is an app for that…) I sure hope they tell there friends!

We need people talking about us. How different we are. How we are designed for the average sailor. Why we are designed for the average sailor. It’s not that we can’t flood the internet with advertising. We could. (It is a little cost prohibitive…) We don’t want to be that type of company. We want to be the one you can trust to provide affordable sailing charters in nice places without all the snootiness that some huge multinational charter companies exude. We are a small company that works for your interests. Why? Because we are one of you.

We have sailboats that would make the average day sailor guy on the street say. “That’s a great sailboat!” The T22 owners say. “That’s roomy and easy to handle.” The 30’+ sailboat owners say. (…?) They still can’t figure out why we do it…(35’ used as an example. Big boat owners don’t tend to want to charter smaller boats than what they have now…)

I almost forgot to mention the free charter each year that we are giving away. Yes a 1 week free charter any time after labor day while the boats are still in the water. (I’d even let someone tow one to Lake Havasu if they looked after the extra insurance etc.) Enter here:

The idea is to get people to tell their friends and let them know that we offer a great opportunity to live out some of those life long dreams of cruising without breaking the bank.


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