A new tail light.

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I found another tail light for my trailer tonight while at the shop… I have no idea how it got in my shop. Really. I was going through some plastic tubs of tools looking for a sander for drywall and found it under an old nail pouch. I think I will put it on and see how long it lasts. Maybe later this week.20150117_115745

I’m doing some work at  the shop and want to get it out of the way first. I hope to be done that by Friday. Then I will be able to get my pipe bending press in and use it their. I don’t have the room at home in the garage. (Well without moving OB motors and things that don’t have a place to go to if not on their stands.) My band saw is at the shop to so that will make cutting the aluminum more precise than a jig saw.

I’m looking forward to getting the arches ready for welding so that they are ready to install in the spring. I looked at a bunch of different solar solutions while at the boat show last week. I’m still not sure that one is so much better than the other if they are the same technology. Ie: Monocrystalline solar cell (mono-Si) or Polycrystalline solar cell (multi-Si)

They have their differences. Both good and bad. For my purposes I need reliability.

On the parts list I handed out at the boat show I mentioned I wanted 2 100w panels with a MPPT controller.


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