Tell them exactly what you have or want.

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I‘m working on a couple things for the business today. One is a parts list for suppliers. I figure I may as well be prepared and have a professional looking list of stuff I want for the boats. I will hand it out at the boat show and get the contact info of who I give it to so I can email them next week. This will give me a better chance of getting a better discount than just asking for 20% off. (Try this: Just ask for 20 off next time you purchase something for your boat. If they say no you have some wiggle room. Go for 15% next… If still no. Walk away. There are other vendors of the same product that would be happy to give you 15% off. Especially after you tell them that you just came from…) (Leave a comment about how much you saved. You will save $!)

I have a rough list so far. I’m going to categorize it and make it easy for the vendor to give a price. That will include model or part #’s. IE: 6x Harken 150 Cam Cleat. or 6x RONSTAN MEDIUM C-CLEAT CAM CLEAT GREY W/GREY BASE RF5010. Doing that only takes me a few seconds and saves the vendor guessing what I want. (It frees them up to sell to other people at the show too.) This lets them know that I want a cam cleat that takes up to ½ line and that I’m not picky about manufactures. (That is just an example for cleats. It works great for anything… OB motors… Life jackets… Anything.)

I’m not just going to give a specific list to specific vendors. Ie: Hardware list to the hardware guys. I’m giving one big list. This will show that I am looking for a bunch of different stuff. It will also allow the (Hardware) vendor to think about how they can help me with sails etc. Everybody knows someone that…

The other thing is my elevator pitch. It’s got a way to go so I won’t bore you. Except… “I charter 26’ sailboats in the North Channel for $1000 per week. Would you like to sign up to win a free charter?”

After that it’s all just answering questions. (Answers are on the site too.)

I had 1000 business cards made on Sunday and I plan to take a box of 500 cards and hand them out. I like the design I came up with.Single card island small I used a free program I found online. I can’t remember what it is called… There are a bunch out there. The one I got tried to load a couple other programs on my laptop while it was loading the card program…. Sneaky! Watch what you say yes to. You could end up with Yahoo or Bing as your homepage and search engine… (I always check my programs right after I upload something like this and delete anything other than what I want that has that days uploaded date.)

I picked up a bag of charcoal and a nice big steak today. But alas Heidi had made supper by the time I got home. That just means more marinating time.

I set an appointment with my Doc for Friday morning to see what is up with my hemoglobin.

I still feel fine.


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