Owl whisperer?

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So I am trying to get used to the idea that I may be the owl whisperer. I saw another snowy owl today. And 11 wild turkeys. I was out at Fanshawe Conservation area where I sail. The Fanshawe Yacht Club is there… I was out there checking to see if there was enough snow to go snowshoeing. (I’ve come to terms with the idea that snow may stay a while… Not that I like that idea…)  Fanshawe Conservation Area is a nice place to hang out in nature. It has really nice reforested areas and natural ones too.  There’s enough snow to go in the open areas but not the reforested areas. I like the reforested areas because their isn’t any wind and it;s kind of eerie with all trees in rows.

When I was out contemplating owls… I came across a place that sells windows and doors. Having been a contractor in the past I’m always interested in finding new suppliers. (I can use new windows and doors at my house…) The place is called Wise Guys Windows and Doors. There logo is an owl… I imagine because owls are wise. Right?

I went into their other business and looked around. It’s kind of a flea market/ junk shop. (I noticed a storage place right beside… I wonder where they get the junk…?) I found a couple big Rubbermaid tubs full of Butyl tubes. Caulking tubes with butyl. What a good idea. I use butyl tape to waterproof the deck fittings on the boats. Maybe I could use the tube type too? I’m not sure if the way it is applied will work for the boats. The tape is just so handy. Evenly packed and strait.

That make it super easy to use. I get my rolls of butyl tape from London Glass and Mirror on York St. here in London. They call it 440 tape.

When Jasmine and I were out playing in the snow after supper we heard an owl.

Who knows what that means…?

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