Saw a real white one. In the sky!

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I saw another owl today… This one was moving quickly! It was a Snowy owl. A real live one too.  I saw it on the way to pick up a carb kit for my snow blower. From a documentary about the snowy owl we watched I know that these owls are this years brood. They come down from the arctic to winter here in the relative warmth of South Western Ontario. (Just like our seniors that go to Florida every year.) The owl I saw was hunting along the edge of Greenway park in an area that we call the Coves. It’s a natural area that has ponds. According to the old maps I have seen Thames River used to snake through what is now the Coves back in the 1700’s. the covesI don’t know what made the river change course back then.

I went to Kensal Rental to get the carb kit for my snow blower. I had took a picture of the serial # off the machine before I went. I didn’t need to… I showed the parts guy  the picture and he asked what the motor was. I told him a 10 hp Tecumseh on my snow blower. He asked if I wanted the big kit or just the needle and seat. I told him the needle and seat and he walked over to the shelf and grabbed the package off the shelf. No looking up anything! I was out of their in less than 5 min and it only cost me $8.

I hope to get the kit installed soon. It’s been a bit too cold out to pull wrenches outside in the shed at the shop for me. (Today’s high -13C) I may wait until next week when it’s only -5C. I don’t like fumbling around with bulky gloves on while working with small hand tools and small nuts and bolts. Too many things get dropped and it seems to take forever to find them when you do drop something. (I seem to always drop something in the snow if working outside in the winter.)

I have some maintenance tasks to look after this week at the shop that are inside where it’s a lot warmer. So I can wait for the snow blower repair for now.

I have a snow shovel… Actually one in each car, 3 at the shop and 2 at home. I like to be prepared if I get stuck or if we get any that can be cleaned up easily with a shovel. Which is what happens with most of the snow. The snow blower just does the big stuff like more than 6” and the stuff the plow piles up. When we get plowed in I get it out and do a bunch of the neighbors lanes too.

I almost forgot about how I am going to get the snow blower home. I have a utility trailer and ramps that works great! But the trailer is at Knoal’s (Not his real name.) place full of construction debris.


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