Can’t get enough weather!

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Writing a sailing / general life of a charter owner blog in the winter is tough. I do have all kinds of things I can write about like why I have the type of VHF radios in the boats to anything sailing related. How about that Volvo race…? Those boats are fast! That would be fine. Right…?

Well instead I’m going to write about the weather… There has been so much of it lately. Winter weather that is. It’s cold out and this white stuff keeps falling from the sky! It as making driving just crazy. Even pedestrians are getting crazy. Today I almost hit a UWO student that jumped in front of the car! On Purpose! Because she wasn’t dressed for the cold and didn’t want to wait for the light! (Getting run over by a car hurts a lot more than shivering for a 1 min light! So I would think any way.) I saw a different lady get stuck in an intersection that was slippery and…. flat! She had summer tires on her Mercedes and it being a 1980’s model rear wheel drive it didn’t want to turn. A cyclist with studded tires was stopped telling her either how to get unstuck or where to go when I passed.

The real reason I’m writing about the weather is that I have been introduced to a new weather site. Michael Leahy, Publisher of the Rhumb Line (, sent it in an email today. It looks like a great site! Lots of data to use to make my own predictions of what is coming. (Weather geeks like that and I’m one of them.) It’s great to have another site that is specifically looking at the Great Lakes.

Check out both sites. They are both really good resources.

I’m got to go shovel the driveway where the plow filled it back in again.

Saturday I’m tuning up the snow blower and bringing it home from the shop


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