New Cushions Design. New Dinnerware.

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We had a big day today. After lunch we went out shopping for material to recover all of the cushions on all the boats. The cushion covers are in OK shape now but I want them to be new. Same as the foam. So we went to different Fabric Land stores and checked for material. The first didn’t have anything that I liked. The 2nd store did! I picked up enough to do all cushions on 2 of the boats! 20150103_162057 20150103_162123They didn’t have any more or I would have got enough to do the third boat. We went to the 3rd store after and looked for the same material but didn’t find anything. I’m going to call the first store tomorrow and have someone look for me just to be sure I didn’t miss it when their. I got a great deal on it. It was all marked down from $26/M to $6/M! (It’s their big year end, held over, boxing week sale right now.)

I received a gift from my in laws today. Heidi brought it home in her luggage. They gave me a tap and die set!20150103_124822 Just what I need. I have been borrowing Knoal’s (Not his real name.) for the last while. I will put this set to good work for sure.

I made a decision on dinnerware for the boats. I’m going with Corning Ware. I found some nice white sets. Simple white. I even got two sets for home!20150102_175902 I like them. So does Heidi. I have been planning on getting new stuff for home for over a year now but hadn’t found anything I really liked. I got the Corning Ware idea from a YouTube video I watched.


Check it out. It’s pretty amazing! Who knew that you can bend glass? And I mean really bend glass! That got me thinking about Corning Ware for dishes.

I have read reviews in the cruising forums that say that they still break. But those times when they break something pretty catastrophic has caused it to break. I need plates that will put up with hitting big waves and not break. I’m not sure that regular stoneware is up to that. I know that the new dishes will be a lot nicer than the plastic ones I was going to go with. I am still going to have the plastic set in the boat for extras. They don’t take up too much room.

I almost forgot to report about the date squares… I was directed to take them out of the freezer when we got in from picking the girls up from the train station last night. Heidi was into them in less than 30 min of getting home!


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