There back!

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Surprise! My wife and daughter are home. They got into the train station at 9:17 tonight.

I didn’t know they were coming home today… I was told Saturday. Not Friday…

I’m glad they are back. I missed them both a lot.

I found out that they were coming home today at 8:30 pm tonight! Ian, Heidi’s dad, told me when he called to tell me what he got as a gift from me. (I got him a infrared thermometer. He had one.) So when they were in Moncton NB. yesterday dropping off the girls at the airport he went to Princess Auto and exchanged the thermometer for a 5’ wrecking bar. That’s one of the things I love about Princess Auto. I bought the thing in London Ont. and he returned it in Moncton NB. No receipt needed. I think I have mentioned the Princess Auto for ever guarantee before. It covers everything for ever. Just bring it back if your not happy… That’s a guarantee!

I hope to have some thing along the same lines with the charter. I need to figure something different out than what I have now. Maybe some type of satisfaction guarantee…?

I don’t expect their to be problems but I am prepared for them when they inevitably happen. Things like OB motors that won’t work properly or BBQ’s that won’t stay lit. Things like that will be looked after quickly by our support team.

I can’t do much about rain or bugs. I know they are to be expected. Not like your family coming home a day early…

I have a bunch of things to do this weekend. One thing I’ve been thinking about is dishes for the boats. I’m not as happy as I thought I would be with the ones I have so I will look into other alternatives. I also have to find material for cushion covers too. So I will hit up the fabric stores and see what is available right now. I figure I may as well get the year end deals now. ( I need about 50m of material for all the boats.)


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