Jan 1, 2015

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Today is Jan 1 2015. It seems that all I have done is clean… I did some other stuff too…

I did a bunch of stuff to the website today. I haven’t let it all loose on the world yet. I just figured out the tab thing. I think… I still have a lot of learning to do. I can’t figure out where my drafts are on the site now that I’ve made them. They should be saved as drafts. But I don’t know where that is. I’m pretty sure they are there somewhere… I hope…

Thank goodness for Google Docs! I do all my work in Google Docs and save it their first. The it’s just cut and paste into anywhere I want. I can even share documents, spreadsheets ,etc to have things edited or co-worked on via Google Docs. Very handy! I can also get to and work on my files anywhere I am with a smartphone or computer. I Like that!

I was out today and stopped at Piero’s for pizza. They really do have the best pizza in London!

I put a pop up on my website to get people to enter my draw for a free 1 week charter. (So far it’s going to be in the North Channel. But if I have another boat in another spot we could let it go there too. I do plan on having another boat or 2 going in 2016. Oh big plans are in the works…)

I checked the weather in Little Current today. It’s cold their. -7 feels like -14 wind from the NW 35 gusting to 50. It’s better here… -2 feels like -6 winds steady from the SSW 7km/h. That’s a huge difference! We are lucky to be situated here where our weather is mostly affected by Texas Lows and not Arctic Lows like up their.

Tomorrow I hope to get more done on the new site and maybe get at the 6Hp Johnson again. It is supposed to warm up a bit again so the garage won’t be too cold to work in. I need to put the lower leg back on the OB. I will fill the bottom end with oil first though. After I get the leg on I will hang the motor up so it’s out of the way. It’s nice to have floor space in the winter.


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