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My Yacht club membership from came in the mail today. I did the math and am looking at $494 for the season again. That is the best deal in the world! $180 of that is park fees for the boat and car. That even lets us use the other parks in the Upper Thames Conservation Area. They are Pittock in Woodstock and Wildwood in St Marys. I think the one we would go to if we were to would be Wildwood. It’s a lot nicer than Pittock! Fanshawe is the nicest of the three. It has a bigger lake and land footprint and more stuff to do. We are lucky to have such a nice area so close to the city. (It’s actually in the city limits but kind of on the outskirts.)

I was thinking about the club on boxing day. I had went out to the lake on a test drive with the car after I replaced the alternator. I probably picked Fanshawe as a destination because of an email I  received earlier that week. The email came from the yacht club. It said that we could still be sailing because their was no ice on the lake… I got to thinking that we should keep the docks in longer. At least keep some of the tires and carpet on the main dock so we can tie up. (I’ll bring that up at the next club meeting.) I personally wouldn’t mind trailer sailing any of my boats. They are all really easy to launch and retrieve.

I made a quick video while I was looking at the water. It’s here:

I am standing on the road going over the dam. The gate is locked so cars can’t get over to the other side. You can bike and walk all you want over there. You can drive over between 8-4 pm. Don’t think about being late getting out… Your car could get locked in for the night or weekend. You are free to walk in and out just not to use a vehicle after hours or on weekends.

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