Water pump rebuild.

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I was awoken today by someone knocking on the front door! 10:30 am. So I did get to sleep in! I didn’t get to the door fast enough to answer it. I figured they would come back. They didn’t.

After breakfast I got to the water pump on the 6Hp Johnson. I had to drill the holes the correct size and then tap each. I used a #7 drill bit for the ¼” x 20 bolts I have.

I started by drilling the holes in the top of the pump housing a bit bigger than the bolts. This is a bit of a tricky thing to do as the aluminum around the pump is thin and if you mistakenly drill into the pump area… It’s done! So what I did was push away from the inside of the pump while drilling. Ideally I would have just used a smaller than the ¼ bolt size but didn’t have that size bolts.

Then I put the one original bolt in and holding the top of the pump down to the bottom of the pump so I knew things would be aligned properly. Then I drilled and tapped the other holes. I left the new bolt in each hole as I progressed.20141227_144711 All the holes went smoothly but one… The one with the original bolt in it was a little finicky. It was very close to the top of the water pump housing and I couldn’t use the tool to hold the tap. My solution was to get a wrench and turn it that way. (A great idea!) One thing… The square part of the tap was smaller than all the wrenches I have. And I wasn’t going to use and adjustable wrench… There just junk when it comes to using it for more than 2 turns of anything. I find they always change sizes when using them.

Off to Princess Auto. I took the tap so I could compare wrenches. I found one with the help of a staff member. It was in a pack of 8 (7 of what all ready have.) I also found a wood carving set for Jasmine. She has been on a wood carving kick lately and I couldn’t find a set before Christmas. I’m going to wrap it and put it under the tree. 20141227_162031

The wrench that ended up fitting was a 5 mm. It fit a little loose tough. I think 4.5mm would have fit best but it wasn’t available. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one that size or smaller. They must exist for jewelers and watchmakers. Princess Auto only goes down to 5mm. The last hole went well using the little wrench to turn the tap.

I had to make the head of the last bolt smaller to fit in so it didn’t hit the pump housing. I did that with the bench grinder.20141227_170954 It’s not the prettiest but it works.

After the tapping was done I cleaned everything with compressed air and got the Vaseline out and lubed the impeller. I use Vaseline to keep the impeller lubed so it doesn’t get misshapen when I go to start the motor the first time. It is also what I have always used to lube the pump. The impeller didn’t go on right away. I had to get rid of a bir on the shaft with emery paper to get it to slide down all the way. ( I must have hit the shaft with something during my repairs…?)

I spent longer than I expected on the taping and putting the water pump together than I thought. I finished around 5:30. Just in time for supper. (Not pizza or popcorn.) Split pea soup with smoked pork. (I smoked a pork butt a couple days back.)

I’ve been working on the new charter web page since. I also made a couple new business card designs. I need a bunch of new cards to hand out when I go to the boat shows. I figure I’d do them while I’m working with sailing images.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a bit of cleaning in the garage and more web site stuff.

I’m excited about the new site! It won’t be up until I have it done next week.


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