Christmas day and no new sailboat under the tree.

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Christmas day. Looks like I’m eating popcorn with the pizza while the girls are away. They gave me a popcorn maker! And some popcorn flavoring. BBQ… (I can’t remember if I blogged about my $5000 broken tooth from eating popcorn… My dentist told me that popcorn is the real money maker for him! I asked if it was a conflict of interest if he was to invest in Orville Redenbacher’s company. OrvelHe hadn’t thought of that…) (Oh my! I just came across a new commercial when I was looking for his image… They have brought Orville back from the other side… )

I love popcorn. I don’t eat the partly popped seeds anymore! ($5000…) I was also given a great hat with mittens and a scarf attached.20141225_075936 It will be handy as I don’t  have hair and winter is really cold if you don’t have hair and you live in Canada.

We got up at 7:30 when Heidi’s parents called… They thought we would have been up from 5:30/6… We had planned to get up at 8.

Jasmine was excited to see the Santa filled her stocking. (It’s actually the one I made for Heidi 10 years ago. I need to make another.) I gave her 3 shiny rocks and a box full of sand. Her mom gave her mittens and a board game. She is a happy little girl! So was her mom.20141225_080842 20141225_081001 I almost forgot the owl! 20141225_081059It’s a body wash thing given to Jasmine from Jean and Frank. (They don’t know about the owls…)

After we opened the gifts and had breakfast I packed them in the car and took them to the Robert Q Airbus station for their 10 am ride to Toronto airport. There plane wasn’t scheduled to leave until 2:45 but the ticket said get their 3 hours early… (I think this is more for spending $ in the airport than security… Just my opinion…)

They arrived in Charlottetown safely before 6pm PEI time. Then were off to aunt Christina and uncle Shawn’s for dinner and to stay the night.

After I dropped them off I came home and puttered until noon then took off to my moms trailer in the woods for Christmas dinner.

I forgot that I have the roof racks on the SAAB and was reminded that at any speed over 200 they scream like a scared Bigfoot! It’s really loud and reverberates throughout the car.

At moms I was put to work right away. She made me cook the turkey. (A frozen Butterball breast.) I took it out of the plastic and put it in a baking dish then told mom to set the oven to 325F. She put it in the oven. Then make the gravy… That involved opening the can and pouring it into a pot. (This reminded me of what I had planned to get mom for Christmas but forgot. A new can opener! I’ll have to pick one up and surprise her next time I’m out to visit.) I hardly had time to wash my hands and I was tasked with helping the poor neighbor Mike install a new ceiling fan in the living room… ( I don’t know how he got suckered into helping. He gave her the fan…) He was working on top of the ladder while I installed the blades and found the screws that he dropped.

We got it up in about 30 min. It would have been quicker if the instructions were more clear. Ex: You can install it with the wires on one side of the hanger that doesn’t allow the cover to fit… We did that first. I moved the wires to the other side of the hanger and it fit nicely.) The fan works great. It will be helpful to keep the air moving throughout the trailer during the heating season. So hopefully no more cold rooms. Now mom wants a new fan in each room… (I think I’ve convinced Mike to talk her out of it.)

We had a nice dinner with Mike and Janice both from the trailer park.20141225_175500(0)

Janice gave my mom a pair of wool mittens she had made out of old sweaters… They are really cool looking mittens! I have to find out how they are made and whip some up for Heidi and Jasmine before they get home.

I’m working on my list of stuff to do for tomorrow. I’m going to be busy.


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