New Alternator!

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It’s here. My alternator that is.20141221_125741 It came today by Canada Post. On a Sunday even! (I’m told that they are very busy…)

Jasmine was in a Christmas play put on at the church. She played a camel.20141221_092442 20141221_101758 A non speaking part. We are very proud of her accomplishment. She is too. It is a good boost for her self esteem getting up in front of a bunch of strangers and doing that. My mom was even in attendance. We had her over for a lunch of quiche Heidi made and a fruit salad I made afterward. Both were very tasty.

After lunch is when my alternator showed up. Mom left soon after and I got to work on the car.

I cleaned off all the oil on the motor that had leaked from the old main oil seal on the crank. Also the oil that was everywhere else. It was kind of a mess. The oil leak started 2 summers ago. Just a tiny drop the size of this letter “o” while on our way to PEI. The drop was on the firewall of the engine compartment when I checked the oil in New Brunswick. (Yes I pay that much attention.) It grew over the last few years to 2 drips in the driveway every day…

After I cleaned things up I removed the harmonic balancer by gently tapping it with a hammer while pulling on it. It came right off! Next I pulled the old seal out and cleaned the whole area again.20141221_161102 20141221_161636 While at that I also cleaned the serpentine belt tensioner pulley and holder.

I used a large flat screwdriver to pull the seal out and it came out easily. I was surprised. I inserted the new seal by holding the old one against it and tapping the old one with a hammer. It went right in So I reinstalled the harmonic balancer.

I have to replace the crush washers on the timing chain tensioner before I get to putting the alternator back in. Maybe tomorrow or the next day… I will have a bit more time when the girls are gone from Christmas day to New Years. Their off to PEI to see Heidi’s parents and sister and the rest of the family. (I’m going to stay home and feed the fish. And rebuild a website, fix an outboard, go over plans to build arches for the boats, and a whole lot more.)

I’m looking forward to my vacation while they are away.


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