Dry as a popcorn fart.

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That’s how I am durring the winter. My skin gets dry. It gets to the point of my fingers cracking open from dryness. This condition isn’t the best for working on greasy outboard motors or SAABs. It hurts like heck. The grease gets right in to all the cracks… It won’t come out either. Not for days anyway. I have tried a barrier cream as a deterrent and had some success. Now I use the barrier cream and latex gloves. This works best until the gloves give out. The I get dirty hands. But they clean up a lot easier because of the cream.

Since it’s starting to get really dry I thought I’d switch to dove soap for showering and hand washing. This is a normal every winter thing along with the use of alot of hand cream ( I carry it everywhere all winter.) and drinking a lot of water. (8 glasses a day. Or more.) Those really help. Another thing I do when my fingers get cracked is glue them back together. Yep. Super Glue. I’ve tried Liquid Bandaid but find it isn’t as good as superglue. I understand it was invented during WW2 to glue up wounds. It’s amazing stuff. The pain stops almost right away and allows me to do things like dishes without pain. It also stops dirt and grease getting in the crack.

Well today I opened a new bar of Dove and was surprised at what I found.20141219_163754 20141219_163810 A bar of soap of course but this one was missing a good chunk of it’s self. It looks like part has been chopped off…? I’m not sure why. Maybe a problem at the factory with the die. i know that each bar of soap starts as a cylindrical plug and is squished into a mold by a die. Thus giving it it’s shape and detail. My bar of soap is different. It looks like it lost a knife fight in one foul swoop.20141219_163800

Tomorrow I am going to pick up an impeller kit for my 6 Hp Johnson. Xtreme Marine has one they are holding for me. I figure I’d get it before the holidays so I can work on the motor over the holidays. I am going to get a couple zinks and a L of gear oil while I’m out there too.

This weekend is busy with Christmas stuff so I have no idea when I can work on anything.

I do know that on the 25th the girls leave for PEI and I have the house to myself! Then I can get some stuff done!


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