New coat.

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Daddy daughter night happened today as it does every Thursday.

I picked up Jasmine from school and we went out to dinner. I let her pick the restaurant… She wanted to go to the place where we can throw peanuts on the floor. Crabby Joe’s. So off we went for an early supper. We got peanuts and threw the shells on the floor just like we both wanted. I asked her if she could imagine how busy CoCo our robot vacuum (We call him her brother.) would be here. She said he would be really busy. True. I don’t think he would last more than a year in a place like that. Who knows though, Roombas are really tough. I guess if he had the correct maintenance he would be fine. We look after him really well.

I set him off on a cleaning duty as I left to get her from school. We found him on the boot drying rack when we got home. It’s always Jasmines job to find her brother and put him on the garbage can in the kitchen so he can be cleaned by Heidi or I.

After dinner we went out to look for a new coat for me. My MacGregor coat has seen it’s best days pass. It’s grey and yellow and the yellow has some mystery stains on it now.

My new coat is a handmade “Durable” dark brown winter coat from Toronto. It looks like every other brown winter coat. It’s warm and that’s good enough for me. Hopefully it wont show any mystery stains.

We didn’t get anything for Heidi or her because I have learned that I need Heidi’s permission first when it comes to clothes. The coat I knew it looked good. (And I could return it within 7 days if it didn’t pass the Heidi test. A test that I am yet to know the parameters of.)

Heidi had her staff Christmas party tonight and got home later than usual so I didn’t get out to the garage to drill and tap.

Maybe tomorrow.


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