Arch design and holes.

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I drilled out the holes for the water pump on my 6Hp Johnson tonight. It was raining so I couldn’t do anything to the car. It’s outside. The OB is in the garage where it is dry.

I will have to use larger bolts to hold the pump down. I’m not sure what size I will get yet. It depends on what size tap I have access to.

I have Knoal’s (Not his real name.) tap and die set that has select metric and imperial sizes. I guess I will take down the size of the drill bit and tap sizes and go to Laurie’s Fasteners and take a look at what is available. I know I will find something to work.

I plan to use a hex head bolt instead of the pan head screw type that was used. I will be able to get it a little tighter with the hex head.

I was going over my drawings for the arches I’m going to build this winter for the back of each boat. I am going to play around a bit with the design so I get exactly what I want.

They have to hold 2 150W solar panels and the back stay for the mast. Also hold the mast during transport.

For transport I will add a trailer bow V to the front top of the arch for the mast to sit in. (Just like on the front of the Siren 17.)20141016_185933(0) 20141113_141241The solar panels will be on a hinged frame so they can be adjusted up and down at the back. I expect to just have them fixed in one spot when I find the optimal single angle for them to sit. Ideally they would be self adjusting and follow the sun by themselves. But that’s really expensive… And I have a budget focused charter service. The lower my costs per boat means more boats and opportunities for others to cruise.

I spoke with a welder that I have used in the past about what I need welded up and I am going to send him drawings so he can give me an idea on pricing for welding together the 3 arches. I am going to sit down with him and go over my design as well. Just to see if there’s an easier or more cost effective way of making them. I will cut and prefab everything so he will just have to put it together.

He teaches welding at the local college and is off for a few weeks over the Christmas holiday. So I may get these quicker than I expected.


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