Aft archs and pipe benders.

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I’m getting good at doing nothing. Well I did do some stuff on my list. Just not on the 6 Hp Johnson or the oil seal on the car.

I picked up Knoal (Not his real name.) before I got Jasmine from school. We took Jasmine home and picked up my roof racks for the Saab. The it was off to my and his favorite princess store! Princess Auto. They have a new sale that starts tomorrow but I know to go the day before and get the stuff on sale at tomorrows prices today. (Before it all disappears.) I picked up my father in-laws Christmas gift and a few things for myself.

After shopping we went to move a 32′ ladder from one job site to another with the roof rack. Knoal doesn’t drive so I help him haul stuff sometimes.

Today I got a 16 piece punch, drift and cold chisel set and a 12 ton press for bending pipe or tubing. It’s big. And a mystery tool that I don’t want to blog about so Ian doesn’t get a heads up about his present.

I got the punch etc set because I don’t have a lot of those and they will come in handy. The 12 ton press is for bending aluminum pipe I have to build the arches that will go on each boat.

If I can find a picture of the drawings I did I’ll post it.20141115_141447 20141115_141429

By me building/ designing the arches I will save about $500 each. Even after I hire out the welding. I hope to get a 110 TIG welder someday in the future so I can do the aluminum welding. (That will have to wait for a trip to the USA as there about 5 or 6 times the price here!)  I have 3 arches to build. One for each MacGregor 26D I have. If I get carried away I may build something for the Siren 17 while I’m at it.

The arches will hold the solar panels that charge the batteries on each boat. They will also hold the mast when it is down for traveling. I plan to attach the back stay to each arch as well. That will keep it out of the way for the bimini cover each boat will have. I’m also planning to have the BBQ mounted on a swinging arm off the arch. (I haven’t drawn that up yet. I want to see how the arches turn out first.)

I’m pumped about the pipe bender.20141215_174155 It will allow me to make other things as well.

One that comes to mind right away is goal posts for each trailer. I only have them on one of my 4 trailers now. Having them on makes loading a boat on strait a lot easier! I want things to be  easy when it has to do with the boats.

Since I didn’t get anything done to the car or the OB today I have told Heidi that it is a priority for tomorrow. We’ll see.

I plan to make a couple pipe bending tutorials to put up on YouTube so those that want to do something similar can figure it out quickly and easily.


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