Beavers and Christmas dinner. Tasty!

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Another weekend of Christmas stuff and no work. Tis the season I guess.

So I didn’t get anything I wanted to do done this weekend. Again.

I did put new foam draft stop tape around the front door. Not sure it it is making any difference or not. There hasn’t been any wind. The old stuff still looked fine. It was only 2 years old and is a secondary draft stop. The primary one is rubber and aluminum and it seems to be fitting just the same as ever… Who knows if it will make a difference at this point. The only one I see is the colour. The new stuff is whiter. Just as foamy as the old…

I found this roll of it in the garage on Friday and figured I’d put it to use. I need to get one more roll for the back door some time this week. We don’t have aluminum storm doors. We have old wood doors. Probably the original or close to it on the front and side. The back is from the 50-60’s. Almost a full chunk of 4mm glass in it. The wood part is fir. (I mentioned our house is old before. I don’t know if I mentioned that a mad man owned it before us and he did some renovations… He had to have been mad with some of the ideas he came up with. He sure didn’t know what he was doing when it comes to renovations.) I guess it gives our house has character.

Today Heidi wasn’t feeling good so I took Jasmine for a walk in the woods near where I grew up between 5-12 years old. A lot has changed in the 35-40 years… There is a nice bike path that goes through part of the field that we used to play in and the creek has been landscaped… There are even bridges… Real ones made of concrete and steel. Not old trees that were felled across the creek with 2×4’s nailed to them.

I noticed that their is a beaver living near by.20141214_133804 20141214_134326 Hard not to with the chew marks on the trees or the stumps left by it. We checked out the beaver chips and went exploring in the bramble bushes. I showed her how to find the trails that most people don’t ever see. So we walked around and through the thicket on the deer paths and looked for critters. We only saw a robin a stray cat and a bunch of reindeer poop.

I told her that we will come back in the winter and I could show her where the bunnies live and how they hide under the bramble bushes. (I don’t know if these bushes are actual bramble bushes.20141214_134004 20141214_135033 But I think that it’s a good description of them.)

We had our family Christmas at my brothers restaurant today at 4:30 so we couldn’t spend all afternoon in the brambles. (We could have and probably will this winter when we snowshoe. There’s lots of stuff to discover there.)

My brothers restaurant (He is actually one of the 3 owners.) is in St Marys Ont. It’s the Westover Inn. It’s very nice. It’s also hard to describe just how nice it is so here is a link… We had a great time and the food…. Amazing!20141214_182528

Heidi still wasn’t feeling well enough to attend so it was just Jasmine and I for dinner. We will see them again on Christmas eve.


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