I don’t know what it is with all the owls.

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They’re everywhere! Really.20141213_142915 20141213_143013 20141213_143701 20141213_143957 20141213_143816 20141213_143756 20141213_144833 20141213_144512

We went out today to have a few family pictures done. We did this downtown at the central library. They have a really nice Christmas tree.20141213_130701 20141213_130830 20141213_131830 After we got other people (Strangers.) to take our pictures we went for lunch at Prince Albert’s Diner. After that we went into a few shops on Richmond St. downtown. That’s where the owls entered the picture. The bird count was 98! 91 in one store!

The first store had a ton of them (91). Again a staff person led me around to show me different owls so I took pictures of all of them. She told me that people seem to like owls this year. Hmm.

I think a marketing company may be behind all the owls…

For instance. The first place I noticed the migration of all the owls was a Pier 1 a few weeks back. They import stuff from typically Asia. The next places I came across owls was in the market downtown. Again all imported from Asia. Today… Same deal. The stores all import their stock from Asia and Africa.

I know that their are owls in both of those continents but I didn’t know that they were that popular now… By now I mean so many years after the Harry Potter phenomenon.

So it must be a marketer some where that thinks that owls are a great idea for this year.  Especially in Canada.

I’m not going to research this phenomenon. I don’t have time.

I didn’t get to working on the car today because of our picture taking. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to it and the 6 Hp Johnson in the garage. (Maybe even clean the garage a bit too.)

I want to put up some barrier on the bottom of the rafters to keep some of the heat down where I am working. I have a couple rolls of white poly foam underlay for click flooring at the shop that I can staple up their and put it to good use.

I don’t have my wood stove installed yet. Maybe next winter. I want to replace the shingles first so I can put the chimney straight up through the roof and not mess with going out the wall.

Tonight Heidi and I went out for dinner and got a sitter for Jasmine. While out we got some of the pictures that we had strangers take today printed. We will give them to family at Christmas.

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to the Westover Inn in St Marys for dinner with my dad and stepmother and that side of the family


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