Being meaningful.

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I saw Elvis tonight.20141208_213743

It was at MoMondays. A business thing after work. 5-9 ish. Elvis came on the stage at 7.

I didn’t expect to see him either.

A few of my customers, my mastermind group and a few friends attend this to meet other business people in the city and make connections.20141208_205432[1] I’ve met 1 person I didn’t know that can sail… It’s not so much about getting new customers for me but more to get out in the community of like minded business people. I sat with a bunch of nice ladies from Mission Services. It was nice to just get out and relax for the evening.

We stuffed the Christmas tree after school today.20141208_17593820141208_181657 20141208_181601 I say stuffed because of all the popcorn.  Along with coloured lights we have all hand made ornaments on the tree. Most of which are felt and made by us. From felt balls, felt gnomes, felt and acorn top mushrooms, to a femo angel. There’s also a pistachio nut hedgehog and pine cone elf.

We didn’t go overboard with the decorations. But I have to say the tree is looking better than it ever did in the back yard. We never decorated it before though.

I was thinking about meaningful work today. Mostly because of  a podcast I was listening to. It got me thinking about why I offer charter boats. What makes it meaningful?

I want my customers to feel like they have it all. They can tell the guys at the office that they are chartering a yacht for the week in the most beautiful place in Canada to sail. When they get this: (“So what did you get up to on you holidays Phil…?” Well Rick. I took the family on a week long cruise on a sailing yacht in the North Channel. How was your camping trip…” ) Rick and the crew don’t have to know that cruising for a week on a 26’ sailboat is kind of like camping. You can tell the co-workers how much better the view is from out on the water. How you can anchor where you want. Etc. No need to mention that chartering a sailboat is about as expensive as camping for a week.

I want our customers to feel the freedom that cruising has to offer. I want them to feel great about themselves and their family. About how much fun it is to make great family memories…? To have the time of their lives and not break the bank. Not worry about towing their boat. Not to worry about anything. Just drive to Little Current, check in, and go sail.

Easy and painless.

That’s meaningful to me.


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