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I’m still letting the bolts that broke on the pump housing soak in penetrating oil. I haven’t looked at it for a couple days. I don’t expect any change in how well there stuck.

I have the exploded view drawings for this outboard and see that their isn’t much room to make a mistake when I drill the broken bolts out.

If I go too deep I will go through the side of the leg… If I got on an angle I can drill into the crankcase… Both options are not good. Drilling through the leg to the outside would be the best of the worse case scenarios though. I’m still going to shoot for drilling strait and not too deep. I work on the motor when I have a few minutes or just need a break.

I haven’t had time to get to fixing my car yet. I still have to remove the alternator and shipp it off to the guy that sold it to me. I’ve been busy… Until after dark anyway.

To remove the alternator on a SAAB 9-5 you have to do a few things in advance. Unlike any other car you have to remove the passenger side tire and take off the splash guard from the wheel well… It gets better! With the wheel off the car is jacked up and on stands. You have to undo 3 of the 4 motor mounts! Then jack the engine up and over so you can get the alternator out from the top. (I did this last spring so I should remember the process. I hope.) It’s best if you have the alternator unhooked before you start jacking the motor over.

I have access to the WIS online that shows the steps. (There idea is to remove the intake manifold instead of just moving the motor over 1/2″. Moving the motor  is easier!)

I will try to get it off tomorrow after I get Jasmine from school. It should be a little warmer than today. Friday is looking a little warmer than tomorrow though… Their isn’t a huge hurry as I don’t need the car right away. So it could be the weekend.


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