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To Do Lists……

I have been working on a bunch of stuff and now am getting more organised with my to do lists.

One of the things on my lists is to get in touch with my customers and potential customers and find out where they want to sail other than the North Channel.

So leave a comment and let me know where you would like to have an affordable charter. My business is to provide the great cruising experiences for you.

Back to the lists. Yes lists. Such fun.

I have a main one I keep in my Google Docs that I add to and * beside the things I’ve completed.

I also have other lists for each project there as well. I keep stuff like ideas in Ever Note in my phone and it automatically uploads to a cloud so I can cut and paste it into my main Google list later.

The other lists break tasks down into chunks so things are more manageable.

My design for making each list is to reverse engineer the task and bust it up.

I have access to my lists on my Samsung S3 wherever I go. Handy!

Today I had to pick  up some stuff from Princess Auto. I set a reminder in Google calendar saying Princess Auto. That reminded me to check my phone for pictures of the things I wanted to get. I took pictures of the items off my laptop screen so I had the item and the stock # and the bar code. Very handy if you can’t find something in the store. Show them… Having the picture even allows the clerk to scan the bar code off my phone to check stock. (I picked up Marine battery terminals,20141201_081126 covers for them,20141201_081458 and bar clamps.)

Now I’m starting some online work for Finding Peace Sail Charters that involves a VA that will have access to the list I share with them. (Google docs is amazing!) They will be able to add to, cross off or delete the tasks that have been completed.


Go ahead and make a list…


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