Put away.

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I have my driveway back! I took Transition out to the storage place today. It was an uneventful trip. I ended up parking it beside Topiary where it was last year. I think it’s out of the way. Their is a import export business that uses one of the buildings associated with the storage place and it has transport trucks come and go pretty often. They turn around beside my boats. Transition wasn’t a problem where it was last year but it was close to the tracks I saw in the snow. I did move it about 2’ over from it’s old placing. I also swung the bow over giving another 4’ or so.20141130_125955

It’s a big relief to have all the boats put away for the winter.

When I got home I got a shovel and the steel rake out and groomed our driveway. It’s gravel and it had bumps and ruts in it from the pool installation that took place between Sept 2013 and this Aug… 11 months of construction. I’m sure it was close to a record for longest pool install ever.

(To be fair it was done during the worst weather we have had in years. It started raining last Sept 2013 then switched to winter fast and lasted until April when it turned to rain again… The past summer didn’t really show up either… So not very good conditions for a pool install.) My boat being in the driveway was a bit of a pain for the contractors. They would move it when they needed to use our driveway to access the neighbors back yard. (Our driveway is legally considered shared with next door. It’s a long story…) They needed access a lot! I wouldn’t know when or if they did or not. I’d come home to find my boat in the neighbors driveway or on the street. They were nice enough to put it back at the end of each day if it was on the street.

Now that the construction is over and we have the driveway to ourselves.20141130_145412 Now it is hole free and smooth. That will make blowing snow much easier this winter. (A task I do not look forward to.)

I got to some fixing on my wife’s car too. The drivers side window wasn’t working so I took the door apart and replaced the green rollers that drive the window up and down. (Volvo drivers know about this little design flaw too… The window systems are exactly the same between Saab and Volvo.) The problem was the two green plastic rollers. They break because they are very brittle. All in all it was a 30 min fix. It works like new now.

Tonight it is the big CFL football night. The Grey Cup. We don’t have a TV so I found the game online. (I’m writing this at half time. Hamilton 7, Calgary 17.) I usually watch the big games online. Sometimes it’s tricky to find them. It took me about 35 min to find this one today. Thanks Espn 2.

Jasmine watched most of the first half with me.20141130_190540

I am going to take a week and get everything for the charters prioritized. I have a bunch of different projects on the go at once and need to get things a little more organized.

One project is another blog… A sailing and cruising specific blog with tips and links to things I like for sailing and boating in general. It can be found at bestsailcharters.com

Another project is to rebuild the charter website for ease of use. I’m not happy with how it works now. (It doesn’t work well at all… Check it out on your smartphone… It’s supposed to work… It doesn’t work like how I have it set up to. Then there’s the stuff that needs done to the boats. There’s always something.

I’ll post an organizational list of to do things sometime.


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