A Busy Daddy Daughter Day.

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We dropped Heidi off at the train station at 7 this morning. Then we were off.

First we went for breakfast a to a diner that my grandparents used to take me to when I was a kid. The Delmar has seen very few changes over the years. The sign out front Gus the owner has been their 50 years now.

We had a lovely breakfast. Jasmine had a 3 egg cheese omelet, sausage and home fries. I had steak and eggs and half of her home fries. After I ate mine of course. Then we were off to the farmers market to get apples. I’ve been really disappointed with the apples in the stores lately. Once home they look like they were dragged behind the car… Soft and bruised is not good eats.

We went to say hi to the chickens, pigeons, ducks and bunnies at the live animal auction. and headed to Fabricland to look for material to make boat cushion covers. We were 30 min early. Before they opened! So off to Wortley Village to see my chiropractor. While there my buddy sent me a text about the Santa Clause parade in Lambeth. (Part of London… But I don’t think they like it. So they have their own Santa parade…) We made it through the crazy traffic and watched the parade.20141129_104435

Then back home to hang out. Scare the squirrel off the window screen… 20141129_124352Lunch was pizza at Piero’s Pizza. We just got slices and ate their on the stools looking at a mirror.20141129_131742 Then off to Fabric land again. They didn’t have what I want so we came back home and had a nap. Then we vaccinated almost all of Jasmines stuffed animals. (Pretending…) We missed a few but I’m told we can get them done tomorrow. (We are going for flu shots tomorrow…)

After the mass vaccination  took  her to the Victoria park to see the Christmas lights. She and I liked that a lot.

We had supper at Prince Alberts Diner right across from the park downtown.20141129_181738(That’s Beenie. He came too. He has his shots so it was ok.) Burgers and fries.

Then back home to cuddle and vaccinate. At 9 we went back to pick Heidi up at the train station. She said she had a great day dress shopping in Toronto.

Tomorrow we and the rest of the stuffies will get our flu shots and I will take the last of the boats to storage.


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