Outboards and Snow Tires.

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I finally got the water pump housing off the 6 hp Johnson. It took a big flat screwdriver and a hammer to get to move. I did it as gently as you can with a hammer and screwdriver.20141127_201212 20141127_201218 It didn’t break! I think I have a impeller for this motor stored at the shop.20141127_201509 I’ll take a look on the weekend. Inside the pump under the plate it looks like some critters were living in their. Not Zebra mussels but some other thing that had a softer shell.20141127_201710 20141127_201723 (Bug like softer.) I scraped them  out easily with a screwdriver. See how those bolts are drilled out… That’s what happens if I use the self centering tool.

I have  a bunch of cleaning up to do as well as removing the bolts that are stuck in it still. I soaked them again with penetrating oil and will let them sit until this weekend some time. I hope to be able to get a hold of the stubs that are left with vice grips and just turn them out. Hope… If not I’ll drill them and use the easy outs I have to extract them. I can get at them with the self centering drill bits I have if needed too.

There’s a lot more corrosion inside this bottom end than I am used to seeing. (See fuzzy white area on the left side of the last pictures above. It was like that around each of the 3 bolts that broke.) I think it must have been left at least a season in the lake to get that much white stuff inside. It’s not a huge amount that would affect the operation of the OB motor. But it’s enough to make a mess of the bolts and threads that I’m dealing with.

I finally found a shop that was free to put my snow tires on the rims today.20141127_152031 20141127_152423 Every one I have been to or called has been booked solid. I called D&L tires this morning and asked if I could get in before they closed. I was lucky to get their at 3:10 and the bay was empty.

Don't try this at home. Use safety stands!
Don’t try this at home. Use safety stands!

20 min later I was driving away with 4 new snow tires mounted and balanced on my rims.

I have been driving on last years snow tires. This spring they weren’t really good enough for another winter so I drove them this summer instead of getting new summer tires installed. They were wore out for sure.

I thought that a couple of them had broken a belt inside or lost their balancing weights by the way they wiggled when I went fast. (I won’t say how fast but both our Saab’s go 237km/h. And they will beat a Mustang or Corvette while doing so… Two summers ago I slowly drove past the North American Corvette meet up in Cavendish PEI waving. Twice… I may have honked too.) When I was getting the tires balanced today one of the guys showed me why they wiggled. I have 2 bent rims. Not bent a lot but just enough to make it wiggle at high speed.20141127_155128

So Now I’m shopping for a set of rims and tires for the summer. I’ll keep these rims and tires for the winter only as they are still OK. Since Saab went under a couple years ago it’s kind of tough to find new OEM rims. So I’m going to look for used ones locally. But if I find a really nice set in the US I may go for a drive to get them too.


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