One boat to go.

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Only one more boat to go into storage and I’m almost set for winter.

I took a boat for a little ride and I dropped off the Siren 17 at the storage place today.20141123_122141 While I was there I picked up the sails out of the new Mac 26D and brought them home for inspection and cleaning. I’m pretty good at getting sails clean by washing them with a gentle soap and a soft brush on a big tarp in the backyard.

I put the Siren between the new Mac and another boat that is stored their. It just fit with about 6” on each side to spare.20141123_132237 I’m not sure where to put the other Mac I am going to bring out yet. I can’t put it in the spot it used to be beside Topiary because of large trucks turning around and needing that space to do it. I’ll get a hold of the yard tomorrow and ask where to put it.

I went to my favorite princess store today. Not an owl to be found! I was looking to pick up a 12 piece sculpting set for Jasmines Christmas present. I was told they had 9 in stock. But they couldn’t find them… Not to worry because there’s a shipment of 20 more coming in on Tues. They think… I took a picture of the tag on the empty shelf at the store and will use the # when I call Tuesday morning to have them hold one for me.

First thing Jasmine said to me once I got home was. “How many owls dad you see today dad?” I said I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen any and walked into the dining room. That’s when I noticed the owl that has been hanging in there for over a year.20141123_144523 It’s one of my wife’s paintings!

I started the BBQ when I got home to cook supper. A roast of beef and baked potatoes done on the BBQ with carrots and broccoli steamed on the stove. Jasmine really liked the gravy I made from the pan drippings. She said it was the best she has ever had!

Here is how I did the roast. I started with the roast at room temp. and added a Jamaican roasted garlic rub to it and let it sit until the coals were ready. When they were ready I seared all the sides of the roast then threw it in a Pyrex container and covered with foil.20141123_145037 The foil keeps the steam in and helps cook it a bit quicker.

I start with the Pyrex right on top of the hottest part of the BBQ for about 5-10 min. Just enough to get it hot then I move it to the side of the BBQ that doesn’t have any direct heat. Then let it cook and watch it with a meat thermometer. Once you get to the temp you want take it off and let it rest while you are plating the other things. Don’t uncover it until you are ready to carve it. Helps keep it moist.

While BBQing I was working on the 6hp Johnson cleaning the holes I had drilled with acetone in preparation for the JB Weld. I had to build a little dam with cardboard to keep the JB from going where I didn’t want it to.20141123_180358 I’m happy with how things look right now. If I get time tomorrow I’ll go and get bolts for that water inlet cover. The tap thread I have is 8/32 so I hope Laurie’s has something for me.

I ran a tap up and down the one hole on the upper part of the leg that I was concerned with and I don’t think I need to use JB now. The bolt goes in and grips on 5 or 6 threads So I think that red LockTite will do the trick.

I made the mast crutch for the Mac in the driveway today too.


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