JB Weld and Owls.

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I went out shopping (Actually exchanging) tonight with Heidi and Jasmine. It was at one of those big box stip mall complexes. I’m not really keen on shopping at those things even though I’ve built them in the past. Their much more interesting to build than wander around in. I took off to Canadian Tire to see if I could get HeliCoils for the 6 hp Johnson I’m going to use on the Siren next year. A few bolts are broken off in the lower leg where the secondary water inlet is and one of the bolt holes for the leg is kind of loose.

No luck with finding the HeliCoils. So plan B is JB Weld.20141121_200849

I’ll drill the old bolts out the holes and fill with JB Weld and tap them. The bigger leg hole I will just fill and tap it. I’ve used JB weld for a stripped aluminum engine block before and had good results. Another 10000km before I scrapped the car anyway. There won’t be too much stress on these bolts anyway. Not anything close to the 3960 psi that JB Weld says it’s good for.

After the clothing exchange we went off to another group of big box strip malls… Sigh…

I was coaxed into one home decor store and saw an owl used as a Christmas tree topper. (I made Jasmine a owl pillow for her birthday and we had watched part of a documentary on snowy owls just before leaving home to shop.) I then I made it a game for Jasmine and I to find all the owls in the store and take there picture. Really how many different owls can their be in one store that doesn’t specifically sell owls…? If such a even store exists…

Well we found over 45 different owls! Yes. Over 45! There were 48 different owls in this store! Here are just a few…

48! I still can’t believe it myself!20141121_193513 20141121_193904 20141121_193604 20141121_193940 20141121_194201 20141121_193542 20141121_194601

They were on pillows, mugs, tissues, doormats, measuring cups…. And then they were made of steel, ceramic, plastic, pine cones, paper, feathers (That was weird… Using downie chicken feathers to make a fake white owl…). There were hand bags, candle holders, soap dispensers and hand cream bottles.

48 Owls! Imagine a person with ochlophobia (Fear of owls.) going into that home decor store…. They would have been terrorized by all these owls!


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