Good bye snow. Hello flooding.

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It should all be gone by Sunday… Great flooded basements for all.

The 10” of snow that we have got in the last 4 days should be gone soon with the coming warm wet weather.

I’m not looking forward to more basement floods. It’s messy! Really messy in our unfinished basement that has yellow brick walls and cracks in the floor.

Our house is old. Built in 1865 ish old. (I found it on a survey map done in 1865. It was the farm hands house when this area of the now city was a working farm.) It’s got character… And with character comes problems. Like a leaky basement.

Our problem isn’t so much water coming in through the porous brick walls but water being pushed up through the floor by hydraulic pressure. That brings dirty water in.

I will bring 2 of my ShopVac’s in from the garage just in case it things get wet. As my office is down there I will be able to pay closer attention to the water intrusion and hopefully catch it in the act. If I suck it up before it gets too far I could save allot of floor washing later.

Everything in the basement is in Rubbermaid tubs so nothing really happens other than the floor getting dirty.

Yesterday I found that I can get the original MacGregor stickers for our boats. This is great as I want them to look really good. I also found a source of stickers for outboard motors. You know those stickers on the side that say the model and HP. Those. They are not original but copies of the originals. It will make the motors look good too. (We use older OB motors on our boats to keep costs down. At least for this year. If we book all the boats for every week of the summer I may put new motors on each boat. All the motors are serviced, work great and are reliable.)

I have to come up with a logo for use on the boats sometime this winter so I can get those put on the boats as well as the names in all the same font and size.

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