Birthdays and bottom ends.

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I took the bottom end off my new used 1973 Johnson 6. I’m really surprised to not find water in the oil. The bottom end of this motor is painted with anti-fouling paint… It’s like the old owner didn’t want to bother lifting it up… These motors didn’t come with an anode either…? I’ll be adding one.

I have to replace the water pump and I’ll change the oil while I’m there. As well as checking all the bearings and seals while I’m at it.

On these older motors there was a secondary water inlet on the side of the leg. Mine only had one screw in it. Now it has the threaded part of the screw in it… I busted the screw when I was trying to remove the cover plate to clean inside.20141116_172332 I have drilled the bolts out but have to find a easy out small enough to extract them.

I found that one of the bolt holes is just about stripped on the leg… I may just make it bigger and use a different bolt. May end up doing that for the water inlet too.

It was Jasmines BD today and she loves the Owl I made her!20141116_072338 The party went well. There were 7 little girls here for it. It was loud! Jasmine wanted a pumpkin themed party. So we made a pumpkin cake last night. Video Link:

All the girls had a great time. (None wanted to leave. I’m glad they did… That much sugar fueled energy shouldn’t be kept in one place.) They made up little plays with a stuffed mouse and sculpted with modeling clay.20141116_13552120141116_145221 Mostly they ran around, jumped up and down and squealed a lot. Very loudly!

Heidi mentioned that she wished we had a bigger house for get-togethers like this. I think we should just celebrate Jasmines BD in early Sept at the yacht club.

So next year Jasmine will turn 8 on Sept 16th. (She’ll never know the difference if we don’t tell her.)

I hope to get a piece of wood for a new mast crutch for one of the MacGregors tomorrow. I took the one off the boat in the driveway to get the new boat home. It’s a simple 1×4 that has a V cut in the top. Nothing too hard to make.


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