Siren winter preparation.

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I cleaned everything out of my Siren 17 today. I didn’t get a chance to get to from when I pulled it out until today. I store all the regular life jackets in one of my sheds with cushions. I hang them from the rafters to allow for air circulation. The cushions I have built shelves for the cushions up near the rafters. Having everything up their keeps it away from critters and keeps things dryer.

The inflatable life jackets I keep hung in my basement at home. Just because I don’t want them to freeze. I don’t know if freezing would affect them or not. Inside the boat I pick everything up off the floor or bilge and put it where it won’t get wet if there is any water that gets into the boat. So things like all the lines and anything else is raised. I keep the rudder and tiller in the cabin and have it sitting on a couple of inflated bumpers. I don’t want to have to repair any wood work in the spring.

I will leave the rear drain plugs going into the cabin in for the winter season so critters don’t come in through them. I will also tilt the boat just so the cockpit drains if any water gets in it.

My original plan was to tarp this boat but I may shrink wrap it. I think I have a way to do it that is affordable and easy. I plan to use 6 mil poly (vapor barrier) and wrap it like a boat yard would. I have a left over roll from a job from long ago. The poly should shrink enough when heated with a big torch. (I’ll test my theory tomorrow with a small piece. If it works I may do all the boats next year.)

It seems that the car problems are over. My car is running great since I installed a new CPS. And today I fixed the other car. It was acting like the battery was dead or dieing. I did some research on one of the SAAB sites online and came across a service bulletin about slow cranking of the engine and generally the same problem I was having.

The bulletin said to remove the big wire that goes to the starter and clean it and the starter contact area with sandpaper and reinstall. I added a bit of dielectric grease too just to be sure it doesn’t happen again. It fixed the problem.

I picked up the fuel filter for my car today and am going to wait for a nice day to install it. I need to switch out the snow tires before I worry about it.

Tomorrow I plan to take the Siren to the car wash. Yes car wash! I want to power wash it once before putting it away for the winter and I don’t want to get my power washer out to do it. I can also wax it while I’m at it.


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