A new boat!

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It’s home! Almost. It’s in storage. My buddy Geoff and I went to get it today and brought it home.

Originally the deal with the seller had loading the boat onto my trailer included in the price with their lift. That didn’t happen. I was then confronted with a extra $300 charge for that service. I politely declined and took the boat to the next marina over and used their ramp to float the boat off the trailer it was on and onto my trailer.

I first dropped off my trailer at the other marina and then after paying for the boat and getting a bill of sale I took the boat and the tiny trailer over very carefully. Very carefully because the trailer was so wrong for the size boat. I didn’t want to damage the boat or have it fall off.

The 1km  trip was not without it’s problems… At one point I saw smoke coming from the left side trailer tire and stopped to find that the leaf spring had sprung the other way and was letting the tire rub on the fender. I took the fender off… That fixed that problem. (I always carry tools in the car.) The boat floated off nicely and onto the other trailer without any problems.

Other than the car not getting up the ramp… It was quite steep and was wet from the other trailer coming out. Geoff gave a push and things were fine.

We then set the rear rollers on the trailer with the aid of my automotive floor jack. I first loosened the clamps and jacked the roller holder up into place and then tightened the clamps. We did that for both sides and one of the front bunks just to get things perfect for the highway. I put the automotive floor jack and there air compressor in the V berth of the boat for a little extra weight on the trailer tongue. (I’ll move the axle back about 6”and see what kind of difference that makes.) Ideally I want between 200-300 lbs on the tongue.20141111_115549 20141111_115658

The trailer and boat towed nicely in town and on the highway. It was really windy and gusty with a cold front blowing in today so we got blown around a bit on the highway. I just kept the speed a little below the limit and things were fine. I could really notice the transport trucks passing as they kind of sucked the boat and car toward them and then blow it away!

Another of our MacGrogors is behind Geoff. Topiary.
Another of our MacGrogors is behind Geoff. Topiary.

The car ran great too! I didn’t have time to get the fuel filter I had planned to pick up. I’ll get it tomorrow and put it on when it’s not raining.

At 6 pm Jasmine and I went to her school for the yearly lantern walk to celebrate Michaelmas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michaelmas

It’s a yearly tradition at the Waldorf school we send her to. The grade 3 class makes a big soup and shared it around a bonfire while songs are sang in the playground. (I really have to do a video of the playground at the school. It’s not your average playground with swings and such. It’s more organic and natural. Really organic and natural!)  After the songs the whole group takes the lanterns that they have made of old glass jars with paper glued to them and walk through the woods and over the bridge to Gibbons park and back. Some of the lanterns have real candles and others had battery powered candles. When we were all back the grade 2 class put on a skit about St Michaelmas.

Afterwards I took Jasmine down to the cenotaph to see the wreaths and I told her what they represented. She wants to go next year to the ceremony. I’ll take her out of school for the couple hours for it next year.


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