Maybe tomorrow.

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A funny thing happened today.

I got an email from that guy that I’m trying to buy a boat from. (Boats name is Fray’d Knot.) I’ve been their twice to get it… It’s 2 hours away… And I’ve left without the boat each time… “Can I take that boat home now…?”.. Fray’d Knot.

Well I left him a message yesterday about the miscommunication that occurred on Sat and that I’d like to come and get the boat Mon or Tues. His email had a different price for the boat…?

Not a little different. 90% more!

I called and left another message.

He got back to me soon after. Seems there was another miscommunication between one of his staff and supposedly me… Not on my end. I said I’m paying this much for this. That’s pretty straightforward.

It’s all figured out now and I’m heading there tomorrow morning to get the boat. My buddy Knoal (Not his real name.) is busy so I’m taking another buddy. Geoff.

I think I have the car problems figured out. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and it has run fine since. I have a fuel filter on order and will change that when I get a chance.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and I’m going to miss the ceremony at the cenotaph downtown. I’ll take Jasmine by after school so we can feed the squirrels and talk about the wreaths.


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