Ready for the road.

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Got the trailer all ready for the road today. I installed the bunks at the correct angle for the front and reinstalled the trailer jack. The mount was bent and it sat on an angle. That makes it hard to roll around on the pavement. At least it makes it hard to get it to go where you want it to.

It’s straight now.20141107_161857

I think I have the car problems figured out. The problem was the DIC so I swapped it with another I had on hand. I also changed the spark plugs and the valve cover gasket. The gasket was leaking inside the DIC area and the leak was not noticeable from under the hood. I knew it was leaking from the oil drips on the ground but could never find the source of it.

It’s fixed.

We are leaving here at 7 am to go get the new MacGregor 26D for Finding Peace Sail Charters. It will be boat # 4 in the fleet. I’m keeping an eye out for boat 5 and 6 as well.

This is the time of year to pick up deals. After Christmas is good too.

Here is what the bunks look like installed at the proper angle.20141107_161840

I picked up the cutest Force 10 BBQ ever today too. It is a charcoal BBQ. My favorite by far! I won’t be putting this on one of the charter boats. I’m keeping it for my own use.



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