Rethunk Bunks.

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I didn’t get to the trailer today. I got home late and it was dark.

That time change on the weekend really changes things. Even driving around the city at 5 pm is more crazy. It’s the rush minute or nearing the end of it and there are lots of people rushing home from work. I saw 2 accidents on one stretch of road! I never see accidents on that road…

I did get to the hardware store and get the bolts I need to put the trailer back together.

Tomorrow I am going to pick up the carpet for the bunks I’m making. (It’s also going in my office on the floor.)

I will cut the wood for the bunks and glue and screw them together so they are ready. I’m rethinking the use of the rollers at the back. I have the wood so I may as well make bunks for their too. I will make them so they are a bit smaller and fit on the double roller holder. So there will be double bunks at the back. Just shorter ones. They will support the boat better than rollers and I won’t have to mess around with it next summer when I’m redoing the bottom on the new boat. 20141026_161614

The shape of the bunks will be like this T. Pretty simple to make. I’ll post photos of the front ones as they will be a little bit different. Still the T shape but the I will start at the top on the left side of the — and finish on the right side near the bottom. It’s just better that way for how I have the posts set.

I’m only going to carpet the — parts on each. This so the bunks don’t rot so fast due to the soggy carpet covering them. I’ll throw a coat of paint on before I put the carpet on too.


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