She is home!

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Wow can 1 dad (me) and one little girl (Jasmine) make a big mess to clean up.

Just kidding. We didn’t even have more than a rack of dirty dishes to do today before Heidi got home. I had the laundry started in the morning. We are both good at putting our toys away after we play.

I worked on the trailer for part of the day. I re-bolted the ball hitch on properly. It had 5/16 bolts that didn’t even pull it tight to the tongue… So I used ½” and it is much more solid.20141102_165748 I removed all the lower middle rollers. I had to grind the bolts off because they were so rusted. I did try to undo one but it broke.

I dry tested the front bunk idea. I think it will work fine. The outer posts will go up and down to adjust the angle of the V. In the center of the V will be the lowest end of each 2×4 on edge. They will be bolted through the plate that holds the middle roller. This is the easiest way I can think of to get the V to adjust. Each bunk will look like a T with one 2×4 on edge and the other flat on top. I will cover the top of each of the T’s with carpet. This will stop the wood from scratching the gel-coat.20141102_164653 20141102_164637 20141102_164615

I still have to get some bolts for the middle rollers and angle iron for the posts that hold the outside of the bunks. I don’t like the flat bar that was used. It bends…

We picked up Heidi from the bus station at 3 and brought her home. Jasmine really missed her.

So did I.

We raked the leaves outside and filled 14 large paper bags. I put them at the curb for pick up some time this week.20141102_163103 We used to have a gas powered lawnmower and we would never have more than 3 bags of leaves for pick up. I would just mulch them with the mower. Now we have a reel type push mower. It isn’t so good with leaves. It tends to just throw them out the back. It’s a lot harder pushing that lawnmower.


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