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A frightening night tonight. Hallow’s eve and all.

I took Jasmine out trick or treating around dusk. We had fun going house to house. Of course we started on our street where she is a bit of a celebrity. (I’m not sure why. She is cute but it must have something to do with her personality.)

She was dressed as a pumpkin. Yep a simple pumpkin. Heidi made her costume from orange sports fleece. We found the hat. (The inspiration for the costume.) at Teleaze.

Jasmine really loves the costume! 20141031_182343[1] 20141031_182947[1]

We only spent about 45 min trick or treating before she had enough…. Yes she had enough! So we went home to eat candy and watch Mythbusters. (It’s still daddy daughter week for 2 more days…)20141031_190912[1]

I plan to do some work to the new trailer tomorrow.

Things like check and grease the bearings, replace the one tire. (I may change the size from 13 to 15” so I don’t have 5 different trailers with 4 different tire sizes…) I’m going to remove the bunks and see if I can use them for the new boat. I just happen to have the exact same boat on it’s proper trailer in my driveway so I can take measurements from it. I will reground the lights and tie the wires up properly. Adjust the tongue jack etc. All stuff that I think should be done to any used trailer before using it.

I’d love to spray a coat of paint on it but I think I will wait until next year. I don’t want to do that next to the house. I will do it out at the storage place away from everything. (It’s in the country.) I’ll have to bring my generator for that little job.

I spoke with the guy that sold me the boat tonight about when I could pick it up. Originally I had planned on getting it tomorrow but time is tight and I need to check the trailer over really well first. As well as get the bunks in the general positions. The yard is busy pulling boats out for the season and storing them so I don’t want to take too long with there lift.

We have tentatively set next Saturday at 8 am as my pick up time. The lift should be free first thing in the morning. That suits me because I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house too. As well as get another boat cleaned out and out to the storage yard.


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