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One trailer didn’t materialize so I’m off tomorrow to look at another. It’s the one I looked at it on Sunday with Jasmine and took measurements.

This particular trailer is built heavier than a Mac trailer as it was for a larger power boat. 20141026_161508

I know it needs tires and the bow stop will need adjustment. It will also need some adjustment of the rollers and bunks to work. But it will work. It will hold the boat up about 6” higher than a regular MacGregor 26 trailer but that is ok. It isn’t going to be going across the country.

It has lights. I’m not sure that they work or not. I have a new set with wires in the car ready to use if they don’t. I always carry a set of wires and at least one light light in my trailer bag when towing anything. (One light is better than none! And when you break a light you usually only break one. Unless you do something drastically wrong… If so… Should you really be towing a trailer…?)

If the seller agrees to my price I will bring it home tomorrow and make the needed adjustments and put new tires on it.

So things are looking good for getting the new boat on Sat!

We Have a birthday party to got to at 1 so we will be leaving here at 5am to get there for 7.

I want the extra time to load it and adjust it properly. The yard has a lift so it should go as quickly as we can adjust the bunks.

Now I just have to trick Knoal (Not his real name.) into helping me again.


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